Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I may have a new fetish for gold especially when it comes in the form of a sunburst mirror and is under $20.

Thing 1

Thing 1

Found this on clearance at Target, had to have it since. I can always paint it white if I get tired of it.

Chalk It Up

We sold our Pier 1 bookshelf and turn this corner into a ‘home office’. Eventually we want to start a family, in a few years. Till then we like to prep our home, make it work for the long run. We are currently turning the old home office into a guestroom/lounge so when the times come our old guestroom can become a nursery. Plus we really really like DIY projects and restyling our home.

The desk is from World Market, the ghost chair a craigslist find, the deer is from Zgallarie and both the table light and chalkboard frame are from IKEA. The chalkboard was a DIY project by James. We bought the Ung Drill frame from IKEA. James removed the glass and cut out a oval from some MDF. After a few coats of spray paint he was able to insert the piece into the opening and boom a fancy DIY chalkboard.

Boom! Keep posted though because this is just the beginning we have more to add to this corner and there is new things going on in the old home office. . .

May Update

I’ve been really lazy. Not in the house world but in the blog world. So here are some comments and photos of what we have been up to since we last left off in April….




Drove to IKEA to pick up some outdoor furniture. We decided on these awesome chairs. They are actually really comfortable.


Changed out a 1980s door bell, before:


I think the color gives proof that only something this ugly could be from the 80s. I hope when we look back onto today’s style 30 years from now we aren’t as repulsed. We bought this one at home depot…it was cheap looking silver but we decided to spray paint it white to fit in with the trim and to make it look less cheap.



I also did some work on the landscaping but those photos will have to wait until I do the June unveiling. Ah so behind but I am working on it people!

So if you have read this far into this post please share with me what projects have you been working on?

April Projects

Not a lot has been happening at the brice household. We kinda fell of the DIY band wagon. This time last year we were literally digging trenches for our retaining wall around the drivewa. I guess we are still recovering from that. Anyways onto the photos.

Our walkway, this has been done just don’t think I have shared this with your yet.

We uncovered the deck furniture and broke out the laterns. We bought them last year and they were gray before but gray on gray was not working. So of course yellow was the way to go. Okay thats it people maybe we have something more exciting to share next month.

The Month of Love

Love is…

having you own space. . .


for clothes that is! I am about to air out James’s dirty little secret. You wouldn’t know this unless you have even been over our house and then I show it off like it is the craziest thing ever. He was until recently using both our closet and the guest closet to store his clothes! Shocker I know a man who has more clothes than his wife. I guess I can’t complain. Most women say they can’t ever get their husband to go shopping. Me on the other hand married my favorite shopping partner.

However after me giving him tons of positive encouragement aka nagging, he agreed to do so. So we ripped out the old one wooded shelf and bar, you can tell where it was due to the ugly antique white spot,



Painted it blue and used it as a backdrop



The we finally got down to business…


Since the closet was so deep on the sides we  cut down the old shelf to fabricate a simple shelving system on each side of the closet. Here we store our shoes and jeans.

James built a pretty awesome trouser rack that pulls out on his side…however I apparently did not take a photo of that so I have to upload one soon…

That was our major project of the month, it may not seem like alot but we spent almost every weekend organizing it and putting it together. We used metal  gray wire racks from home depot. The gray was a little bit more expensive but we perfered that color over the usual white.

So what do you think? Is the gray doing it for you? Or is the idea of fitting all your clothes in one closet sound impossible? Please share your thoughts!



What A Stag!

My new obsession after owls; stags.

I just want to put jewelry all over their pretty faces.

We took this fellow home. We are going to paint him a bright color and attach him do our front door. He will be like a ‘knockless’ knocker.
My fever continues over to jewelry. I own a stag necklace & owl necklace which I both purchased a forever 21 very cheap, like $3.
I have even been tempted to buy a deer head and paint it like Katie from bowerpower did for her nursery. http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/house-tour/our-first-house/
Or maybe I will start my own trend and purchase a stuffed out and spray paint that white. I don’t think feathers will do as well painted as fur. Oh well until then I will just enjoy my necklaces and ‘knockless’ knocker.

*Both these items were found at Urban Outfitters.


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